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Poetry Out Loud

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smurf Hello Grade Eights!

I hope you are having a terrific time preparing your poetry presentation! As you know, there is also a written component to the Poetry Aloud assignment. The instructions for it are below.

1.) Write a 3/4 to one page response to your poem. Your response should include the following;

  • an explanation of what the poem is about, and what it might mean
  • an explanation of the poem’s theme – it’s meaning, what’s it really saying?
  • examples of poetic devices that are used. Provide some examples and try to explain how they affect the poem
  • examples of lines, descriptions, words or imagery that you feel is interesting, powerful, effective, creative or just plain appealing to you.

2.) Write a post to your blog. Your post must have the following;

  • A good title
  • a copy of the poem (you should be able to find it online, and copy and paste it)
  • an image uploaded to your post that connects to the poem
  • your written response

3.) Go to other student’s blogs and read and comment on their post

Have a good day!

Book Critique Task

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Hey.  Why did the chicken cross the road???

To get to the other side…ha ha… ok here’s another one.  Why did the frog cross the road???   He was stapled to the chicken!  ho ho ho…all right, last one.  Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road???  He didn’t have the guts.


 OK, back to work.  Thankfully.  Your task is the following:

a.) finish your book critique

You must include the book title and author, a short summary, your opinions on the strengths and weakness, a rating, and who you think would enjoy the book.  You must print out a double spaced copy to be handed in.

b.) Post your book critique on your wordpress blog.  You must

-have a good post title

-include an image of the book cover and an image that connects to the story.

c.) Post your critique to – don’t use your real name.  Your name should indicate that you are a gr. 8 student.  Example: (initials followed by …) aes_grade eighter

d.)  Go to 3 other classmate blogs and comment on the book they’ve reviewed.

That’s all folks.

Johnny Tremain Movie Compare and Contrast Response

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Welcome back students!


Hopefully you all had a great vacation and are ready to get back to work!! Here is your next Blog task – due next class.

Write a one page Compare and Contrast response between the Johnny Tremain movie and the novel. Here’s what it means to compare and contrast, as copied from a website I found.

If you compare two things you tell how they are alike. If you contrast two things you tell how they are different. If you compare and contrast two things you tell how they are alike and how they are different. (

Please hand in a hard copy next class and have your response posted to your blog by next class as well. Your hard copy needs to be double spaced and follow proper paragraph structure, grammar and spelling.

Remember, your post only needs to be one full page. Do not neglect to include similarities as well as differences. The value is 20 points.

The Patriot

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Hello there, Grade Eights!! You have the following options to choose from for your latest Blog Task.


Theme: The Complexity of War

The character played by Mel Gibson experienced first hand the complexity of war. What did he gain by it? What did he lose? Do you think the gains outweighed the costs? Explain.

Theme: History is Written by the Victors

How would this movie be different if it was called “The Loyalist?” Imagine that the British Broadcasting Corporation wanted to do a movie based on this event, except from the perspective of a Loyalist. How would it be different? Similar?

Theme: Bias and Accuracy in Recording History

How did the movie reflect history accurately? Where do you think is strayed from providing an accurate account of this historical event? Were there any moments you felt that an American bias was twisting the truth?


Your post needs to include an image, or youtube video, that supports your topic.

You need to come up with an effective title that captures your main point.

Please read and comment on 3 people’s posts over the next week.

Hand in the typed, double spaced post next class. Please remember to make it as grammatically correct as you are able.

Jumping George Washington! The Patriots Won!!!

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Whoooeeyy! The Yankees have won the war. How did they do it? How did this underdog team of rag-tag militia men and super supportive women manage to take down the all-powerful British Redcoats??? What heroic actions, brilliant strategy, and amazing turning points paved the way to victory?As we consider these critical questions, you will be charged with providing a post one one of the following topics.

You will write a post on your blog that is a response to ONE of the following topics

1.) Do you think that George Washington should be considered a hero, based on his accomplishments in the Revolutionary War? (last names A – E)

2.) How was the Battle of Saratoga a turning point in the war? (last names F – L)

3.) Do you think that the Americans could have won the war by themselves?
( M – N)

4.) Pretend you are a news reporter that has written a short press release announcing the end of the Revolutionary War. The press release should include information about the Battle of Yorkton and should outline the terms of the Treaty of Paris. ( O – Z )

Due – next class. In addition to posting to your blog, print out a hard copy that is Double spaced, 12 size font. No longer than a page, please!

Also!! Read one post from the topics you are not doing and leave a comment for the person.

Additional things to do for your blog:

Add an appropriate picture or map to your post

add “recent comments” to your widgets so that other people’s recent comments appear on your blog.

upload an avatar, so that your comments have your picture beside them.


Here’s the video that we viewed in class, in case you wanted to watch it again!

Declaration of Independence: Blog Task

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Welcome Back Kiddies, to the greatest blog on earth…right after yours, of course!  Here you’ll find the latest information you need to know regarding your next task.

1.) Find an image online that connects to the events that surround the War of Independence and the Declaration of Independence.  Save and upload this picture into your next blog post.  Then, write an explanation of what that picture is and how it connects to the topic.


2.) Go to the following site and play the “Road to Revolution” game.



3.) Write a blog post in reaction to the Declaration of Independence.  As you write, take on the identity of one of the following and write from their perspective. Your post only needs to be about a paragraph in length.

Option 1 – Thomas Paine

            2 – King George III

            3 – Abigail Adams

            4 – a loyalist

            5 – a patriot